Custom Kids Leggings (Size 7/8)

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Mama Hen is now proud to offer traditional leggings in big kid sizes 4/5, 6 & 7/8! These leggings are made with the same care and attention to craft that you expect from Mama Hen garments and the same high-quality fabrics.

What makes these different than your average leggings?

  • They are made in the USA (in the beautiful state of Maine)!
  • They are made with fabrics sourced from other small businesses as much as possible.
  • They are made to last (each seam checked as it comes through the machine) and with accountability. If you encounter a problem with a pair you'll get direct and heartfelt customer service right from Mama Hen herself. 
  • They have a sewn in gusset at the crotch so that your rock climbing, cart wheel turning, bike riding, yoga practicing, twirl turning, mud churning, trampoline jumping big kid can be everything they want to be without busting a seam!