Meet Mama

Mama Hen has been crafting and art-making for as long as she can remember, but it was becoming a mom that turned her focus to children's apparel and accessories. Dismayed by how gendered and stiff so much of the clothing available for babies and children is, Mama Hen set out to build a wardrobe of soft, welcoming and well-fitting garments for her child.

As a business owner, Mama Hen is focused on producing a well made, unique, functional and fabulous product with accountability and superior customer service. Every item is hand crafted with attention to detail in a cozy and clean studio in Maine.

Mama Hen strives to reduce her environmental impact by re-purposing fabric scraps whenever possible and/or donating them to her local library (and other community-run non-profits) to use in youth programs and more. Additionally, deciding to feature grow with me pants (pattern by Max and Meena) was an intentional choice about saving hard working families money as well as reducing waste. This product fits for so much longer than traditional sizing that the product itself is well worth the investment and keeps parents from constantly shopping for new clothes for their ever growing little ones! Whenever possible, fabrics are sourced from other small businesses rather than big box stores.

Up in Maine, Mama Hen and her family keep a small flock of backyard hens, enjoy gardening, canoeing, and bird watching. Her love of nature, color and contrast is evident in her fabric choices and pairings.

Thanks for taking a look through Mama Hen's Page and choosing to shop small!
Mama Hen would like to give a big shout out to the contributing photographers: Colorado Farm Photos by babyrosephotography.comRaglan Tee and Big Kid photos provided by Stephen Stratton and Erin Clark, and additional contributions from happy customers! -THANK YOU!
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