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Mama Hen is now proud to offer traditional leggings in (children's) sizes 4/5, 6 & 7/8! These leggings are made with the same level of craft and skill that you expect from Mama Hen garments and, of course, the same high-quality fabrics.

Made by hand, with great care and attention to detail, these traditional leggings will be a staple to your big kiddos everyday wear! The soft touch and forgiving stretch of these fabrics will comfortably all day on even the most sensitive children. The sewn in gusset at the crotch will let your rock climbing, cartwheel-turning, bike riding, yoga practicing, twirl turning, mud churning, trampoline jumping big kid be everything they want to be without busting a seam!

Hoping to have Mama Hen make a custom fit or fabric for your big kid?! Click here! You choose the fabric and/or let Mama Hen know that your big kid needs some extra length or maybe a narrower or wider waist than usual!

-Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or line dry
-Phosphate free detergent is recommended to keep colors vibrant
-Do not bleach
-Iron as needed
-Fabrics are not treated with flame-retardant chemicals, please avoid open flame
(Big Kid photo credit: Erin Clark)